Friday, August 12, 2016

Music, it soothes the savage beast, and sometimes just the irritable beast.

Today we had and early morning meeting, in the northeast corner of the city. Dr. Dawg does not like to get up that early, and he is certainly no picnic as a traveling companion. We stopped on our way back to the top secret lab, located at, just kidding, I can't tell you that, you know, to get some coffee, and they put sugar in Dr. Dawgs coffee. He hates that. So, he was a jerk, about everything.

Traffic was just starting to pick up, and we go in the left most lane (the "fast lane") on the freeway. It also happened to be the lane we needed. Our exit was to the left. But, it was not the fast lane this morning. There was a truck three cars ahead of us, and our lane was going about the same speed as the other lanes.

"Go around him." Doctor Dawg said.

"I'm not going around him. The other lanes are going the same speed, I would never make it. We only have three miles until our exit, and we would get stuck over there, and have to backtrack. Besides, how much time could we save?" I said.

"You could get around him if you cut between that state patrol car and the truck marked "bio-hazardous waste, there is almost enough room, and they will move." He was getting kind of testy.

"I'm not driving like a fool to please you."

"You would rather drive like a wussy to please yourself." He said. "Next time I am driving, or we're taking a taxi. I can't handle this. Every time it's the same thing, I have things that need to be taken care of, and you want to earn your Grandma Moses Safe Driving Merit Badge, you big..."

Then L.A. Woman by The Doors started, and the organ came in low, and the guitar started matching the intensity. The song started getting louder and we were keeping time and belting out the lyrics, Jim Morrison, Dr, Dawg and I singing "Are you a lucky little lady in the city of light, or just another lost angel, city of night?" and life was good. It lasted all the way to work, and we got out of the car, friends.

Music is tonic.