Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Boy from the Crowd. Now is the time to follow them.

We, here at Life Explained are proud to announce the birth of our new blog, the first of several, Life Explained, Explains Music, sort of.  We call it that because, in our opinion there is no point in even trying to explain music, to quote the Lovin' Spoonful;

"I'll tell you about the magic and it'll free your soul
But, it's like tryin' to tell a stranger about rock and roll."

So when we say "explains music" what we really mean is "not explains music," or anything else, really, we just make a post about things, and this blog is dedicated to posts about music.  The idea came from Jeremy Crow, from the Whacko Series of blogs.  So, thank you, Jeremy.  

And, here we go.

Recently, about three years ago, I started to look around the internet, joining Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other sites.  It was fun, but it was also confusing for a man my age. It seemed difficult to sift through the chaos, and find the calm.  Eventually, it fell into place, and some amazing things have happened. Some have restored my faith in humanity, a little.

One of their many very
cool tshirts.
Take, for example, a band I met on Twitter, "Boy From the Crowd."  There was something, it is hard to say what, that made me think, I should follow these guys, and I did, soon there was a message, thanking me.  With a link to their song "Revelator." kind of a indie rock, blues number with a driving back beat, biting lyrics, and grinding, thrashing guitar.  It was really refreshing, and despite being new, and exciting, took me back to another time.  It was kind of like the Clash meets the Dictators, they buy a machine shop and build a band.  

I thanked them, and told them how much it had been enjoyed.  They sent me a link to download the song.  I am still working on that, technology is still foreign and difficult.  Plus, with the new iPhone, and Surface Pro 3 there is a lot of wrestling and cursing, but I will get the song added, and listen and be very happy I did.

Here is the amazing bit, though.  Here are two guys, trying to do something they love, and putting everything they can muster to make this work. Bringing all they have to bear on the dream of making a living making music.  We are separated by almost 4,000 miles (or 6,200 kilometers) and an ocean and this band is willing to offer their song.  

Learning an instrument, writing songs, practicing is just the beginning.  Now comes the marketing and distribution, and hustling, and contacting people who may be critical, lord knows the internet is not the friendliest place to be.  And, these guys are making a run at success.  There is always some luck involved in becoming successful.  Talent alone will never be enough.  But, we should all root for these guys.  

Theirs is the kind of story that gives hope to dreamers, and a sense of renewal to a man looking for something to renew some good will towards the human race.  So, listen to their music, buy their song, you will enjoy it.  And, when the time comes grab your tickets to see them in concert, and buy a tshirt, (I really like the pumpkin model) tell them I sent you.