Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Something a Little Different.

Today, instead of trying to be witty, charming and impressive, I thought you, the reader deserved a chance, sort of, if you want. I will start by telling you about my drive to work this morning. One of the first songs Siri played was Moondance by Van Morrison. It was a great way to start my day.

Van and I belted it out halfway down the freeway. And when it was done,  the whole world seemed a little nicer. I hadn't had enough, but was in the mood for a little rock and roll, so I had Siri cue up Baby, Please Don't Go, by Them. Them is the band that launched Van Morrision's career. Their version of Baby Please Don't Go is my favorite, and I have several copies. It really rocks, check it out.
Van Morrison is a rock and roll star whose career spanned several decades. His album (cd) Still on Top  is a constant source of joy. It has covers a career that is spectacular, and underrated. And every time I listen to it I am grateful it is there.

These videos are only a small sampling, but you can hear the variety, and delight in the music. Which is what music is all about.

Now, it is you turn. What single artist album do you feel has the widest variety of musical styles? Which album is the one most liable to get you through a rough commute, on a muggy morning, when it is only a Wednesday, and you were hoping for Friday? Enjoy the music, enjoy your coffee, and enjoy your day.