Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Live Full House, It Has No Equal.

Last night, for some reason, I took a stroll through my younger days. It is not something healthy, there were many mistakes, in the words of Ian Anderson;

"Many's the sadness I've left behind me,
Many's the day when I have done wrong."

But, sometimes it isn't too bad, and there are some good things to be found among the rubble.

For instance Live Full House, from the J. Giel's Band. Chicago Style Blues wrapped up in a rock and roll coat, screaming defiantly at convention.

Normally, live albums are not among my favorites, but Live Full House is a very happy exception. It is raucous, wild, exuberant ride through some blues classics, and some original music. Obviously, this band has some chops, but pays tribute to the giants that came before them.

Smashing and torching Homework by Otis Redding, and hammering a killer version of First I Look at the Purse from Smokey Robinson makes great music indeed. But, they were no slouches in song writing either. Hard Driving Man and the greatest harmonica song ever Whammer Jammer round out a killer album.

I had to head over to iTunes and grab a copy, less than $8.00 and the price is the same on Amazon, and probably Google Play, too.

Driving to work this morning I put the album on, without even using shuffle, and I almost always use shuffle, turned up the volume and jammed all the way to work. Peter Wolf singing, J Geils scorching the guitar, Magic Dick working magic with a harmonica, and Danny Klein on the electric bass from outer space, Seth Justman wailing on organ and piano, and Stephan Bladd keeping time on drums, made the commute fantastic, I can't wait for the drive home.

I know the poker hand on the cover is not a full house, but I don't care, that is how good this album really sounds. I may have been a lot smarter in my youth than I thought