Monday, October 19, 2015

The Del Lords, and a Note of Gratitude.

Today we are going to take the easy way out, and post a link to another post. Also, we are going to thank the most generous and delightful +Mary Burris at Jingle Jangle Net for posting a piece by one of my favorite writers (me) about one of my favorite bands (The Del Lords).

So rush over, check it out, and say wonderful things in the comments. Then go over and join The Del Lords Facebook page. They are very friendly, and responsive.  They seem to enjoy their fans, as much as their fame.

Of course, you should also buy an album. Any of them would be a great edition to your collection. But, Johnny Comes Marching Home is fantastic, and a personal favorite. Plus, it is getting more expensive all the time, I got my cd several years (the album I've had since it was released, so long ago) for less than ten dollars now they are $39.99 used, and $49.99 new. Here is the link to make it easier.

And for a little Monday Morning entertainment, here is True Love from Johnny Comes Marching Home, by The Del Lords! Tap your feet, bang on your desk, and remember life is a lot better if you choose the right soundtrack.