Thursday, September 24, 2015

Doctor Dawg Reinvents the Art of Interpretive Dance

Recently a friend of Life Explained has expressed deep regret about the decline of fine arts in America.  Since this friend has made a living, and enjoys, the arts, she knows a bit about these things, and since she lives in Germany, and used to live in Scotland she understands more about American culture than the average resident.  

And the crowd goes wild.
Doctor Dawg found this very disturbing and set about righting the problem in speedy, gratifying

So, friends of the arts, and friends of Dr. Dawg, those in need of a little culture, and people in general, without further ado here is Perfesser Dawg performing his dramatic rendition of a scene from the classic Steve Earle song "Devil's Right Hand," as interpreted by the inimitable Webb Wilder and the Nashvegans.

Thank you,

DD, tc